Projecting Signs

[two_third]What is a Projecting Sign ?

A projecting sign is a sign that projects or protrudes from a building at an angle, normally 90 degrees, these are often called Protruding signs, Panel and Bracket signs and more commonly called a Projecting sign. This type of sign allows customers to see the business as they approach from a distance from either direction on a road.

Can these projecting signs be illuminated?

Yes they can be illuminated by various methods.
Most projecting or protruding sign systems used on shops are illuminated by different methods, this will depend on the council’s laws that govern your area, please check with your local councils planning office.

What style of Projecting sign do I need?

There are various styles of brackets and fixings, but the widths tend to be uniform; 450mm or 600mm, portrait or landscape. We’ve included a few examples here.

All come with shackles for fixing and we will install the sign exactly where you like. If you have an existing bracket we can just make a new sign for it and come and install it for you.


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projecting1projecting4Projecting BracketsBracket_MF[/one_third_last]